Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bloggers Ball!

Last week I went to the Design Salons Bloggers Ball II - It was awesommeeee. I got to meet a bunch of bloggers and hear Jessica, Liana, and Erin speak about their blogging world. Afterwords we went and got some yummy food (how could I not order Pork Slap?!) and Jessica found some tiny dice, life is good! I'm hoping to check out the blogs of all of the ladies i met this weekend.

The room was packed at Mitchell and Gold! They were so nice to let us use the space that night. Man, I am always surrounded by beautiful ladies with style and grace (hehehe...).

Some people had the mac and cheese...i had the turkey burger with fries. are those pigs not the happiest you have seen? adorable :)

darn flash...but you can kind of see them


samantha chu said...

i am so excited to have met you and that i somehow managed to sneak my way into those pictures! hahaa!!

fabulous, innovative blog! i am in search of a new bookshelf--let me know if you see anything!!

Marissa said...

Glad you had fun! I wanted to go so badly, but I work Thursday nights. :( Why do all the fun things happen on Thursdays?!