Friday, April 2, 2010

oh busy gems!

sorry, but its been a busy week of seeing wonderful people - everyone is getting unemployed, and older. have another birthday tonight and another next week, fabulous! anyways, bellow is a quckie round up, enjoy! i'll be back soon to complete the fri wrap up

i got 8 of these at an auction once....i outbid these queens, it was awesome! I think they came out to $50 a piece. My heart was beating so fast while bidding, i am not a competitive person, but sweet baby jesus i wasn't about to back down! anyways, i love them :)
Mid Century Modern Castelli Chair 2 - $150 (Dedham)

qUirky katty Corner Orange Desk - $40 (Medford)

dining room chairs - $15 (Dorchester)

Mid Century Modern Selig Lounge Chair by Overman - $200 (Framingham)

Free Dressers (Haverhill)

Dining Table and 6 chairs - $275 (Back Bay Boston)

Custom 2 piece Sectional - $1200 (diamond district)


Danish modern armchairs - $75 (East Arlington)

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