Tuesday, March 9, 2010

peak into one room

after a wonderful Flauxy Saturday i took a walk to David Levins apt with Christine - so glad i got to check out his place!! i only took pics of his front room because i was hungry and busy absorbing all of the cool details (thanks for the polenta cake David!). such a cool apt, the rest might have blown your mind with envy

a wood burning stove, a real fracking wood burning stove! color me envious
(david also has laundry on site...)

Dinosaurs, wheels, and fire...essentials of the modern world

detail of the lamp and the music thingy

clock from Brimfield?

Lamp from Bommerangs!

i love the little planes and the lovely photo is by Daves friend

i love love love this bookcase with class front, and check out the cute little metal feet! David picked up this gem in Brimfield for under $40 i believe

thats David Levin looking dapper while holding something that was in a plane he learned to fly in....i forgot the details, was busy snapping away...

flur de lis

the photo was taken by a friend of Davids...really wish i remembered these details
(david, feel free to chime in!)

check out Davids podcast on Nova and his solo musical project The Juliet Kilo

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