Friday, March 26, 2010

beautiful things on sunday

It’s quite possible that I might have a major meltdown or “episode” this weekend. I need to let go of some things I have been making designs on…so I can make way for my new house guest and get something new for my place…it’s a terrible cycle I tell you! The days of dancing topless around my apartment to the beach boys are over – I really don’t want to contribute to my brother’s fragile grasp on reality (ha!).

On Sunday I plan on hitting up this estate sale:
9 Appleton Circle
10am to Noon
617 901 4333

It’s the last day, so I am going to assume prices will be delightful!
In honor of all things that are fabulous and beautiful (and the snow that fell is morning!), check out the video bellow…I really do want to live in harmony with all of the beautiful things ;)

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