Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tax Gems

all i have to do in this life is file my taxes and look pretty, duh...

i miss the days when filing my taxes were simple, one w2, and i could go to a free Vita site. Since I started selling my jewelry for real for real (which reminds me, i need to get back on track with that!) and i started filing my jewelry income. a few years ago i asked around for referrals for a great accountant/tax person and after speaking with store owners, artists, and city officials i went with Joseph H. Priscella, CPA of McDonough & Priscella. They are friendly and professional, i never worry after i gather all of my stuff and hand it over to them...and i worry about everything! I call Joe Priscella with crazy questions and he never sounds mean or laughs at me...which is awesome :)

If you own a home, have a business, live a carefree reckless life of cake them!
McDonough & Priscella
55 Winter St.
Weymouth, MA 02188
fax (781) 340-1426

Not sure you need a CPA? Then check out the Free Tax Preparation and Asset Building services of Codman Square Health Center
Eligibility requirement:
Taxpayers earning less than $42,000
For more information, contact
Shauntell Foster
(617) 822-8171

Or check out the ABCD web site for more sites and information

and of course, some tax minded music...

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