Wednesday, February 3, 2010

If the Little Mermaid had an open house...

Doing anything tonight?

Read the invite bellow, get excited, and go!

Carrigan is opening up her home for an awesome sale
Wednesday, February 3, 2010 at 8:00pm
Carrigan & David's House; 291 Columbia St. in Cambridge, Penthouse

if you haven't yet been to our new apartment, it's kind of like the little mermaid's cove of treasures. jars of antique silver forks (dinglehoppers!), an old pipe-turned-candle-holder (snarfblat!), antlers, porcelain, stacks of old books...oh yeah, and clothes. tons of clothes (although mostly for land and legs, sorry sebastian)...

on wednesday, i'm laying out the specially-chosen antiques, oddities, clothes and accessories--some of what i'm selling as a vendor at The Get Together on February 14th, and offering them to you, friends, for discount prices before the show. I have men's stuff as well, and lots of great <3day br="br" gifty="gifty" stuff.="stuff.">
ari will also be previewing and selling some of her gorgeous jewelry and luxurious vintage.

come over anytime, stay as long as you like. we'll be drinking, musicing, eating crab dip and caviar, trying things on, stargazing on the porch. in addition to getting a preview of our stuff for the expo, your purchases will be a fundraiser of sorts--the profit goes directly into making the looks for the fashion show.


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