Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Divas, Sausages, Tacos weekend!

The Diva (SJ) turned 30 (finally!). We celebrated her birthday on friday with vintage cocktails...bc, well, 30 is so old ;)
btw, Divas get their nails done and then mesh them like this bc its cool

blue light awesomeness
saturday we started the night with the 4th annual sausage party and then headed to taco heaven! the sausage host has a great place, i snapped some pics while i tried to avoid major gluttony.

cool ceiling light fixture purchased in a west roxbury lighting shop

i wish my old radiators where clean and shiny like this one! i love the vintage lamp and modern speakers

i love the pink glaze inside this planter


music nook

warm light in a cool orange room

little details made this party awesome

old time radio

refrigerator nook

home made pretzel, stuffed cabbage, pickle

"chafing dishes, emphasis on the chafe." -Christine


3 is the magic number - love the door!

Donkey punch - the taco party was so delicious: turkey mole, tongue chili verde, and the chefs made their own tortillas!

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Marissa said...

Love the more personal posts and great photography. Thanks, Keyse!