Monday, January 25, 2010

weekend of social gems

one of the many awesome davids i know (i think this is the 4th) who is dating a friend, had a birthday party this weekend. i was so amazed by all of the wonderful prints in their space! i didnt get to snap a pic of all of them but i did capture some gems resting against the wall on the floor. i really liked all of the personal lil things placed around the apartment, pictures, notes, a personal history in objects...i have a lot of stuff in my place, it was nice to someone elses stuff beautifully displayed.

i love the rocket

i love that this piece is placed on a corner

behind some lovely chairs

david told me about traveling to Marrakech with his father when he was a boy, he has a picture oh himself with a blue looking dude (not his dad) on his fridge...jhill Marrakech print on the left


Gena, the host, on the right. i looovvveeee her dress, i wish i had captured her shoes

this is Thacher, looking handsome in a Ben Simon cardigan he picked up in Argentina. i love the red details on his cardigan

the second party i attended saturday night had super uber old wooden floors, the boards were extra wide and there was some stuff put onto them for sealing purposes? the apartment had some pretty columns in the living room facing some nice windows....but the best was the chalk fire place

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Jessica Sutton said...

such great pieces! daves are good shit :)