Monday, January 25, 2010

sweet encounter

while at the blue frog bakery (picking up a delicious yummy scone on my way to work) i ran into Susana DeVoe - JP resident, architect, and designer of beautiful things i want! check out her pillows, purses, and fancy napkins bellow! i really appreciate the thoughtful little details in her work.

striped wool pillow - Susana uses fabric from the 80's originally designated for suits and women's jackets, how cool is that! even cooler is this detail: Insert: Hypoallergenic synthetic-included

"I show off the details that no one ever gets to see. The writing on the fabric is what identifies the lot to the manufacturer, and I expose the raw fabric edge, highlighting this typically discarded feature."

Ruffle wool pillow - i love red and grey

Berry Branch, Hemstitched linen dinner napkins (sold in sets of 4)

printed raw edge wool handbag (i love the stylin in this pic!)
Check out Susana's shop and blog

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