Monday, January 18, 2010

rock da...

Please vote TUESDAY Jan 19 for Martha Coakley for US Senate.

The election is TOO CLOSE TO CALL. A win for Republican Scott Brown
would be a setback for everything Ted Kennedy fought for.

Scott Brown has already declared that he will vote against the current

health care legislation and is opposed to a woman's right to reproductive

autonomy. Martha Coakley is an ardent supporter of health care reform

and a woman's right to choose. These are examples of how Martha Coakley

will work towards the fundamental issues that make up Ted Kennedy's

democratic legacy. Please make sure it continues by voting tomorrow!!!

VOTE: Tuesday, Jan 19, 7am - 8pm, at your usual location (see

Please spread this message; email, call, and text your friends/fam now AND on
Election Day; make reminder calls from home...while on sitting on your awesome chair/couch you scored on cl, while preparing a healthy breakfast, while sitting on the can... or a phone bank


Sarah said...

Oh no, Keyse there's a Brown for Senate google ad on your blog!!

Keyse said...

that shit is wrong ;(

John said...

Brown all the way!