Monday, January 25, 2010

loving the ladies at the Sag awards

Rutina looks beautiful! so glam

Annas wrinkled dress is really horrible...maybe thats what they are laughing about, i always try to look on the bright side

but her shoes, are awesome!

so glad Mariah covered up her boobies and Betty looks divine in this gown

i love this color on her!

silver foxy lady

i love the beaded work on the sleeves

i normally hate what she wears, but i like the shiny beaded thingy on the side, and her back is sexy

another white dress i LOVED worn by Jennifer the structural details on this sexy short dress, meow meow

oh, i love a confident woman in print


Elizabeth said...

Why does Mariah Carey always look like she has to poop?

Keyse said...

oh, i think she looks beautiful!