Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy feeling thankful day!

I am beyond thankful to all of you - thank you for checking Crocodile Tears every day and for taking home the gems. i love running into you guys (Christine, at Jessica/JHill/Jill studio party. The guy last night at Teatro...sorry, i forgot your name. The ladies I met at that art thing over the summer, and everyone else! xo). Thanks for making this blog uber fun for me!

i'm having a non traditional thanksgiving dinner(s) this year...
The turkey debauchery starts at Vlora at 2pm, the second dinner is also in the south end with George+a bunch of guys at 6pm, and then Beehive at 9pm...

First stop! Alex, my companion for the day, will hopefully look intensely into into my eyes and tell me to put down the gravy...just put down the gravy girl!

(this picture was taken at the Upstairs on the Square patio this past summer, oh good times!)

By this going to be extastic about my tent like dress ;)

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