Tuesday, October 13, 2009

do not wast your time...silencio

beware-crate&barrel mirror (read) - $500 (newton- garrison st.)

this woman is selling a large mirror she claimed she bought from someone in the south end area and selling it now --claimed it was in great cond. ...first of all it's not from crate&barrel and it was several marks and holes on the side of the frame .... i went to crate&barrel and the frame is different and so is the back of the frame ...you have to see ...yes the one she is selling is large but its not from crate&barrel ....trust me if so i would have bought it .....i seen both mirrors the same day !!!!went to crate&barrel first then to see hers ..........and she was pissed that i didnt buy the mirror ....i wasted time and money on movers to see a mirror that she liered about ....DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME !!!!! GO LOOK AT THE CRATE&BARREL IN THE STORE AND THEN SEE HERS AND YOU'LL SEE ITS NOT THE SAME MIRROR ...PLUS ITS ALL DINGED UP AND SEVERAL HUGE HOLES ON THE SIDE OF IT FOR SOME REASON ......SHE BOUGHT IT FROM SOMEONE ELSE ...SHE IS THE SECOND OWNER ....COME ON IF IT WAS ANY GOOD SHE WOULD KEEP IT !!!! I SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT THAT WAY IN THE BEGINING .......DONT WASTE YOUR TIME LIKE I DID !!!!! SHE IS LOCATED ON GARRISON STREET IN NEWTON, MASS UP FROM BOSTON COLLEGE ....BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE .............SCAM ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


christine said...

dramatic post is dramatic.

adwoa said...

someone is reeeeeeeally not happy about that mirror, huh? dramz!