Wednesday, September 9, 2009

True Blood, ciao ciao...

So, I havent written about True Blood in a long time. Nor have I posted hot body images of the cast. I didnt even cover the cool vampire hotel Eric, Sookie, and Bill stayed in while in Dallas...yup, they went to Dallas to search for Erics maker. I'm really trying to play it cool by pretending this show isnt the highlight of my life. Oh, fail! Man...i'm so going to miss these guys Sunday night! This Sunday is the season finale for True Blood season 2. My friend Erin is baking delicious cupcakes. Will the chocolately goodness console my wounded heart? Not likely. But it will be yummy...On the upside, I will be able to socialize (besides with my friends who come over to watch TB with me) on Sundays! No longer (until next year) will I have to turn down hot dates because I have a hotter date with TB. Yeah dates my bunda.
Season 3, i'm ready :)

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