Thursday, September 3, 2009

thur night gems

three vintage lamps - $20 (Rockland)

Vintage Marcel Bruer Chair - $50 (harvard square)

bossom buddies
2 Vintage Armchairs - $40 (Salem)

gross ;(
WANTED: Beer pong table - $30

Mitchell Gold Cassidy Sofa - $400 (Mansfield)

dubious...holding my tongue on this one...
Two-seat sofa - $100 (Boston)

Chrome lounge chair -- mid-century - $200 (Newton)

I started work at 8am today....its 10pm, I am slightly disappointed about not finding a gem i can get uber excited about. But, I am a bit relieved because I don't think I can muster any excitement anymore...So looking forward to this weekend! I hope you all have some fun, stay beautiful, stay vibrant! xo

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