Monday, September 21, 2009

Gems on Shawmut Ave

First stop is J.E.M, recently opened on 470 Shawmut Ave, South End - the store is simply industrial awesome! I didn't resize the pictures before uploading them so the colors are a bit faded...blame it on my allergies/cold.

I love the use of the vintage wire baskets

hooks made by someone from Vermont!

Reupolostered telephone bench - its so cute and comfy. Check out the cool hand painted floor!
2nd stop is Flock, 274 Shawmut Ave Boston - I want almost everything in this store...Flock carries Built By Wendy!!!
I love the cute little mid century couch they scored from CL! Its perfect for Fabio's chic Brooklyn apartment.

I wish I took a picture of their other couch...its bigger and the upholstery is magical

The ladies of Flock made the clothes rack, homedepo rocks! I love their use of wire baskets as well...when you stop in, check out their cute trash bin.

Folded next to the peacock is a uber warm soft knitted sweater thingy, love it! i also love the organic cotton tshirts, soft and simple.


abbyglassenberg said...

Hi- I live in Boston and I just found your blog when searching for J.E.M. I haven't been there yet, but I was looking for a possible place for a local show (I am an artist - I make soft sculpture). Flock looks promising, too. I noticed in your last photo they have Tamar Mogendorff's work on display.

We have bought several mid-century pieces on Craigslist, including a great wall cabinet a few months ago. Our five-year-old's bedroom is all HeyWake and I am looking now for a small desk and chair for her.

I like your blog and added you to my reader.

-Abby Glassenberg

Keyse said...

Hi abby - thanks for the comment and i'm glad you like the blog :) your work looks amazing!