Wednesday, August 12, 2009

taking direct actions aginst singleness

This article proves what this city does to young vibrant semi good looking single people...turns them into sad love deprived young vibrant semi good looking people. Is it really that hard to get a lady/mister friend in this city? yes.

Josh is friends with "disease free Jason" and decided he got sick of Jasons singleness (whats up with paired up people trying to pair everyone else off? and why dont my friends try harder pair me off?! what? you think im full on contradictions, of course...i'm a mysterious complex woman. but, this is not about me, its about "disease free Jason." is eczema disease?). So Josh made a blog, Glamour wrote about it....and I get the feeling that when Jason gets over being mortified, he might just meet a "nice" lady...or hang his head in shame, foreverrrr :)

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adwoa said...

i love this post. (and you. but if you make a website called "date an adwoa," i may need to skip town.)