Monday, August 10, 2009

paper anniversary - acquired gems!

hello, darlings. it's getting closer to saturday's crocodile tears paper anniversary party: one year of fabulousness!

we like to think that our efforts aren't in vain: that people fall in love with some of the things we post, buy them, lug them home and love them dearly. and we want to know about it!

so this week, we're offering a special crocodile tears prize. one of the raffles conducted on saturday will be the acquired gems raffle. you can't buy tickets for this one; participants will be automatically entered by submitting their spoils of victory over at our sister site, crocodile tears acquired gems.

now is your chance to share your story of that epic zipcar late fee, the time you got horrendously lost trying to get off the interstate in newton/saugus/cambridge (let's be real, mass is not kind to sunday drivers) - and how it was all worth it and you treasure your new possession like it was your own child. if these interactions spawned new friendships, marriage proposals, and additional purchases made on the spot when you saw that the seller also had the bookcase you'd been looking for since 2002, tell us all about that as well.

our anniversary, your great stuff: there is so much to celebrate! let's do it, as always, in style. see you saturday!

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