Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fancy Yummy times on Yelps Red Carpet Gala!

Last night Yelp gathered 600 people at Harvards Museum of Natural History - delicious food and drinks vendors, friendly people...and I got my eye brows is good! Oh, the event also raised $3600 for Project Smile!
Leighann, Yelp Bostons mastermind and gracious host! xo

Cupcakes in hand (Sweet)...we were so very merry!

It was nice running into Julia again, first met her on the Berkshire trip sponsored by CitySeach

Tayler, Connie, Ian, and Morgan...jst realized they are standing tallest to shortest!

Maureen and Lynette
Virginia and Patrick -gosh, these two always make me look twice! so stylist

Erica on the right loves traveling and wearing fancy shoes...fancy shoes that attract unwanted attention ;)

gazing at them bones! It was a great night and I didnt even spend a penny...which is good, bc i'm not sure if I even have pennies left after paying my cable bill!


Anonymous said...

Hi Keyse, It was great to see you too. I guess one of my friends who was at the event knows one of your friends and so she forwarded me your blog. How fun! Looking forward to seeing you again. Best, Julia

Keyse said...

thats awesome, glad you found the blog!