Monday, August 3, 2009

Crocodile Tears Back Yard Party Throw down Shindig Hootenanny

See this Broyhill Brasilia dresser? Its currently residing in my kitchen and has got to go!! Its a sweet big dresser, ready for all of your fashionable forward threads...or not ;)

You can win it at the Crocodile Tears 1 year (its been a year!) Backyard Shindig on August 15th.

To win the dresser: Buy raffles -$5 gets you three raffles, 3 chances to own this beautiful modern dresser...which I totally found on CL :)
I'll be raffling away other awesome goodies as well, stay tuned this week for pics

There will be Brazilian goodies (besides myself) - cold drinks - good conversation - sunshine (sweet baby jesus permitting) - and hawt smart people

jump on the orange line to JP (or the 39 bus! or bike it, drive, walk, but dont run)

August 15th - 3pm

38 Boynton street #1R, just walk around to the back of the house
*feel free to bring your own edible goodies to share and drink


The Elan Vital said...

I can't believe I'm going to miss this!! May I buy into the raffle without actually being there? That sort of kills the fun but I thought I would ask.


Keyse said...

Sure! Just email me