Wednesday, July 8, 2009

tiny dancer gem

White Vintage Chair - $75 (Davis Square, Somerville)

don't ask - that is just what i thought of when i saw this chair. also, a charming pair of songs for your summer afternoons (and eeevenings):

just know that when i think of that song, i am thinking of when mr. big sang it to carrie in that cheesy italian restaurant in season three.

(for the record - i make a lot of sex and the city references; some of you may be wondering why that is. if this is the case, please see this citation of my thesis, which was super fun and actually a surprisingly decent read. there is a very good reason why it is one of my biggest points of cultural reference, and it's not just because i love expensive shoes.) (although i might just be vapid. your call!)

update - they fucking spelled my name wrong in my library citation! bastards.


Keyse said...

Oh no you didn’t! Did you just seriously do a post with a link to your thesis! hehehe...

adwoa said...

hahaha yes i totally did. and then afterwards i was like "shame, shame and dishonor on your head!"

this is clear proof that academia has warped me beyond healing. this is also why i shouldn't go to grad school: imagine how much worse this could be.