Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday chatty gems

charity shop= boomerangs.  Its so beautiful. dirty punk.  Why why would you write "total steal" on something you
are charging a lot for? am i annoyed because I cant afford it?  You bet ;)
cream tufted square ottoman designer - $250 (Jamaica Plain)

this has been around for awhile...take it home, out stuff in it! 
Kent Coffey Danish Mid-Century Dresser 7 End Table - $175 (Burlington)

Teak Danish Cabinet - $250 (Medford)

wwooaaa...What happened to the $200 set being sold in Woburn?
Retro Modern Dining Set - 9 Piece - $550 (Shrewsbury)

Danish Modern Dining Chairs - $1200 (Medford)

a change of heart
Dunbar Chair - $300 (Brookline)

Outdoor Decor - $20 (Rowley)

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