Monday, July 13, 2009

rerun gem?

here at crocodile tears, we like to keep craigslist classy. and as such, it's always amusing when pieces which we thought had sold come back on the market: usually from different sellers, and with different - and mysterious raised - prices. isn't that strange?

*** WOODEN 6 DRAW DRESSER W/MIRROR NICE CHEAP $50 BUCKS*** - $50 (brockton,ma)

you may recognize that dresser from this post. it, however, may not recognize you, as it's come up in the world: from free.99 to $50, to be precise.

note to reposters: if you stand to make a pure profit from something you've gotten for free, you might like to consider at least taking a new picture of your mildly ill-gotten gains. hmm?


Keyse said...

Thanks for posting this, you rock. Man, we spend so much time on CL...I feel like we are CL cops! Sexy lady cops...single sexy lady cops ;)

adwoa said...

hahahahahaha sexy single lady cops indeed! can we have cute uniforms? and do we get to frisk anyone??? discuss.