Friday, July 24, 2009

play girls

Thursday night I attended a ladies gaming event sponsored by Nintendo DSi - yeah...I went, i know i know, i know you are thinking "but Keyse, you HATE video games!"  True that, but I like being social and free champagne.  I was invited by my friend Amber, who is friends with the host Sarah, who once purchased a Flauxy necklace!  Its such a small world.  The event turned out to be really fun and I got a free Nintendo DSi!  It can pick up wi fi, take pictures, play music, and make you laugh out loud.  I love it!  The new Nintendo DSi is lighter and the case is matte, so it wont pick up finger prints.

the chalk board says welcome somethingsomething

Amber is sitting on a super cute pink couch, love the rug as well (actually, the whole room is beautiful and the bathroom super fancy)

One of the gaming stations

this room was so cool!  there was 4 stations with a gaming focus (music, racing, brain age, and i forget the 4th...) 

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