Wednesday, July 15, 2009

package my drink

I cant stop thinking about and drinking cocktails with Elderflower. I luurrvvvv the St-Germain bottle...i know that there is another brand out there of Elderflower sweetness that I really enjoy but I don't recall the will come to me! The Ladies of LUPEC have some tasty recipes for your enjoyment.

The DieLine blog is great (Thanks Adwoa!). I have a love hate relationship with packaging. Once the packaging is removed you are stuck with whatever you got...if its a great product no problem. It's tempting to switch to a brand with prettier/creative packing. One company that never disappoints or temps me to jump ship is Fresh - they have a perfect marriage of packing and product. I love their soaps, opening a new bar has become a ceremony that I cherish...unwrapping the wire that holds the semi precious stone and delicately opening the paper to reveal a lovely scented bar of soap...and then I vigorously rub it all over my booty. Awesome!

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Jessica Sutton said...

yay fresh!!!!! mmmmn waterlily :)

i think someone is due for replenish-ments!