Monday, July 20, 2009

My friends Big Vermont Wedding!

What an Amazing weekend in Vermont for Laura and David's wedding - I met some great folks who flew in from Dubai, Sudan, France, England, Singapore, CA, NY, Illinois - Besides the good people the food was fresh and tasty.  I took so many pictures...I wish I had a close up of my shoes, they rocked!

photog took some great pictures

and Hills Farm in makes the BEST, the BEST pancakes EVER

dinner at the wedding

Denmark, Boston, France = 3 uber sweeties 

my pretty table
Nicole got us sandwiches and amazing Joe Tea while we prepared and helped Laura get extra purty! Vermont is delicious

The Sisters

The lady on the left has the coolest cameras - I wish I got a close up of the lady on the rights white tattoo, it was beautiful!

French, London, and Singapore visitors (thats the groom in red shades, borrowed from his bff's mom)

ummm...she flew in from Paris I believe?
Texas on the left and NY on the right

Laura flew in from Denmark 

smarties with sunglasses 

I love their dresses, xoxo

These guys came from CA

Frenchies...the mister on the left has some amazing dance moves and his uncle danced until the DJ quit!

Love the look of this tailored couple 

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