Wednesday, July 1, 2009

happy moms bday gems!

this makes me crave an avocado milk shake sssoooo bad!
Art Deco Vinyl Triple Sofa - Wenham - $30 (wenham)

yes, i am surprised the asking price is $200! oi...
Mid-Century Modern / Vintage School Map of the U.S. (Somerville)

Modern Kitchen Stools - $65 (Providence)

Vintage Custom Couch (Revere)

Enhance away ;)
Wine Enhancer - $12 (wilmington)

I love this video, its Cloudbusting by Kate Bush

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adwoa said...

word on the map - i've been looking at those on ebay as a curtain for my kitchen, and they are definitely available in the $10-30 range on ebay. keep up the hunt!