Thursday, July 2, 2009

good night moon gem

it's 12:45. do you know why i have yet to wash dishes and put myself to bed? check out this sweet little baby ;)

1950's GE Retro stove - $2000 (Malden)

you and me and the devil makes three - don't need no other lovin', baby.

(i'm back - twofer! this song, which i also love, was one of the related videos to the previous one. i recognized it because it opens with scenes from an AWFUL liv tyler movie i foolishly watched for an italian film studies class, in which she is a nubile nineteen year old virgin and every bitch in umbria seems to be trying to reliever her of the flower of her maidenhood.

about half the film was spent teetering on the precipice of child pornography, and then they seem to decide "oh, what the hell?" and fling themselves headlong off of it to rest comfortably in the valley of unadulterated sketch. ewwwww. night!)

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