Thursday, July 9, 2009

gahden pahty/fire drill/pickanic basket gems

such was the scene at work today. (it's okay; you can be jealous of my sweet work digs - they are even cooler on the inside.)

after determining that none of the firemen entering the building were sufficiently luscious to elicit comment, i left stata and took a little walk. while i was outside i reflected on what gorgeous weather it is: finally sunny but slightly crisp, perfect for spending quality time in the sun.

that's why, when i stopped loafing in the community garden and came back to my desk, i was elated to discover vintage picnic, an adorable and affordable blast from the past. they carry everything from tea sets and vintage pyrex on up to luggage and prefab picnic baskets. prices are kept low in part by the fact that the site is based in canada (run by roller derby maven laura hardie, who sews the picnic basket linings and selects all the utensils by hand!) it's also worth the extra time to read her descriptions of each piece; they're sweet and thorough and (nearly) as stream of consciousness as mine.

i'm not sure if you know, but i lived in ohio until i was eight years old. the sweet simplicity of some old school pyrex in a juicy 1970s palette makes my secretly midwestern heart sing. add in the idea of packing all of it up with delicious fresh food and dallying by the charles (or, better, a small creek somewhere to the west) and it's quivering like a lamb's tail with joy. check out some of their more wonderful finds below, and get shopping! (you may have to fight me off for some pieces, though: they are so wonderfully priced that my broke ass is tempted to buy the lot ;)

Primary Picnic for Two - $30.00

Blue Flashlight - $5.00

Citrus Picnic Basket for 4 - $40.00

Blue Melmac Tea Set - $15.00

4 Flower Glasses - $5.00

and while you are on that amazing high and upswelling of love for the purple mountains majesty and fruited plains of amurrkah, kindly add to the list of things-to-love: rita moreno's dancing in this segment from west side story.

this was my favorite song in the whole movie when i was a little kid! i used to run around the house stomping and clapping my hands while occasionally yowling "Ay Ay Ay!" it's reassuring how the little things never change.

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