Friday, July 31, 2009

change is gonna come

i have been bored and listless, picking over craigslist recently in the sultry climes of my climate control challenged apartment. BUT THEN i remembered that we are coming up on september first: also known as the great changing of hands. i need to sharpen up those eyes in the next month, kids: i am going to find the loveseat i want or bust!

tonight was not that night, but here is some of the treasure i found in the process.


what IS this? because i want it.
vintage mirror decoration - $15 (Somerville)

Bedroom/Living Room Furniture-Bench, Bookshelf, Table Lamp, Shelves (Central Sq)

change shade be happy (and if you don't, i might buy it if it's still kicking around in two weeks when i'm off financial lockdown. only $25 without shade!)
Shabby Chic Tea Pot Kettle Lamp - $35 (Salem)

1950s Vintage Sewing Machine Table - $50 (Central Square, Cambridge)

hello sweet tackiness
**** VINTAGE cherub lamp & statue**** (North Andover)

Modern meets rustic lounge chair & Ottoman - $150 (middleboro)

Great WALNUT DESK, Mid-century modern - $225 (Cambridge, Harvard Sq)

so functional, and so cheap! make your apartment like shopping at a boutique
Clothes Rack - Very Functional and Cheap! - $8 (Tufts, Medford, Somerville, Davis Square)

table isn't bad, see if they are selling anything else in the photo!
Antique Painted Baker's Farm Table - $100 (Salem)

Vintage Solid Wood Dresser, 6 Drawers - $75 (Cambridge - Central)

i wonder how wide this whole thing is?
** Vintage Chair w/ Pull Out Bed ** - $125 (Hudson, NH)

i am having a sweet dean martin kind of evening. i considered giving you an original 1958 recording (not least because i was very surprised at how high his speaking voice is compared to his singing voice!) however, this guy cracks me up. the one on the left is my favorite.

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