Monday, July 27, 2009

back in boston gems

i've had kind of a crazy week/end, but i'm back from a whirlwind trip to florida (happy 60th birthday, dad!), slightly tipsy, and full of gems.

Mid-century/atomic dresser and matching bedside cabinets - $100 (Watertown)

Some Really Great Accent Pieces - $10 (Jamaica Plain)

Vintage 1950s Danish Modern Walnut Buffet with hutch - $600 (Newburyport)

Danish Modern Dining Chairs - $1000 (Medford)

2 Red Vintage Chairs from Old Local Dance Club! - $20 (Chelmsford, MA)

Mid Century Mod Coffee Table Lane - $195 (Reading)

Mid Century Danish Chairs - $300

Teak dining room chairs - $50 (Chelmsford)

Mid Century Russell Wright Cabinet by Conant-Ball - $250

Antique RCA Victrola Combination - $475 (Douglas)

i had an eventful week last week and have been in kind of a compressed mood recently, which tends to happen when i don't have enough time to myself to sort through my thoughts. i've been kind of obsessed with this song recently; it's making a quiet spot in my head that i wouldn't have otherwise been able to find between travel and family and every night out for roughly the past week and a half. yikes!

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