Thursday, June 4, 2009

working late on thursday morsels

you need to go to this person's old house. immediately, if not sooner. he or she is probably gone now, but the memory of the magic may still linger outside in the air.
Couches, chairs, we have it all! (Somerville)

(it's adwoa, by the way!)

another curbside gem. you know in huckleberry finn, when he is staying with that family who is in the feud, and they have that daughter that writes mournful poetry, and his favorite one is titled "And Thou Art Gone Yes Thou Art Gone Alas"? that is kind of how i would feel if none of you went to pick up this sofa on saturday.
Curbside Alert - sofa/loveseat (Hampson Street Dracut, MA)

please don't even try to convince me that you don't need this fainting couch, as your hollow arguments will fall on deaf, deaf ears
Mahogany Swan Chaise Lounge - $379 (Hull, MA)

i love this table, and the sellers are very professional and quick to respond. (these are the people who had that awesome rooster lamp that slipped out of my grasp. and thou art gone yes thou art gone...)
Vintage Oval Lamp/Tea Table - White Pickle Finish & Gold Pedestal Base - $95 (Wakefield)

hello, lover
Victorian style couch for sale - $80 (Natick)

i clicked on the link for this dresser, and the pattern of the wood was like the heavens opening to sing an angel's chorus at me. not my style (i just want to get a t-shirt, okay?), but lovely lovely
2 beautiful mahogany inlaid antique Art Deco dressers - $150 (Milton)

this has been on craigslist for over three months... it's time to split the set. (also, how is it like new if it's from the sixties? logic, people: use it. there's no botox for furniture.)

Retro Bedroom Set Lk New - $400 (Salem)

4 Eames DCM Chairs

either i am a thonet chair magnet (which would be funny, as there's nowhere in my current house i particularly want to put one), or someone keeps relisting these chairs in different configurations to confuse me.

2 Mid Century Chairs - Herman Miller LCW look-a-likes - $75

you say "settee," i say "you, like me, have a three piece french provincial sectional and you're trying to sell off the middle part like it's a stand-alone piece of furniture"

Antique Velvet Settee Loveseat Solid Wood - $425 (Gloucester)

never been lived in! a good way to put it, as that price is rent on a nice two-bedroom apartment...

Cisco Brothers Love Seat - $1740 (Jamaica Plain)

a charmer...

Table - Solid Pine - $45 (Lexington, MA)

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