Sunday, June 21, 2009

True Crocodile Tears, keeping CL classy

Tips on getting gemz on CL and not being a douch about it

1. Don't use all caps, its so creepy

2. Send the seller your phone number, some sellers don't regularly use email

4. Be quick responding! Get on it, its a fast moving city especially when its a good deal.

5. If the seller emails you back letting you know the item has been sold...dont email them back angry, its pathetic. Also, don't write messages like this:
"Im confused-I just emailed you... an its already sold???? You didn't even email me your contact information~ that sucks!"

6. Man Up! Pretending confusion (you have to be downright dumb not to understand "the item is already sold." especially when the seller never confirmed that the item was on hold OR established a pick up time). Get back on CL and search, think positive :)

7. Don't continue to email the seller with all caps or call her "A FUCK HEAD." That's just not nice, not a good way to make friends. She will most likely email you back expressing sorrow at your loss and ultimately telling you the truth....dear buyer, you have bad timing and you are slow...and the seller will block your email address. Forever.
You fail JB, you fail.


adwoa said...

oh NO - really? we really need to start a weekly feature of douchebaggery/what not to do on the internet. keep craigslist classy! (also, what happened to number 3? ;)

Keyse said...

3 was left behind because its the magic number...hehehe