Tuesday, June 16, 2009

trashy divas are the female version of a hustla

not really (and actually, i hate that song). but i love everything about the philosophy behind the vintage-inspired clothing company trashy diva! just another delightful tip from my devious shopping enabler lovely coworker rachel, fabulous in her own right.

based in new orleans, everything about this company's mission statement had me nodding my impressionable little head in agreement. yes, champion unconventional style! yes, luxuriate in that curvy figure! yes, crank dat vintage inspiration! and i love love LOVE the name.

the line between trashy/tacky and classy is a fine one, and in my home, dress, and design it's my pleasure to take sprawling spills off to either side as often as possible. their stuff is a bit pricier than what i'm used to, but they have a great sales section and the manufacturing quality is high. so look. drool. shop! a few of my favorite things:

sighhhhh - so dreamy. (speaking of, check out these dapper charmers!)

i can make you mine, taste your lips of wine, any time: night and day. (only trouble is - gee whiz - i'm dreamin' my life awayyyyy)

i love this song so much. i've now ensured that i'm going to spend the rest of tonight dancing around my house humming i need you so, that i could die/i love you so, and that is why/whenever i want you, all i have to do/is dreeeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmmmmm etc etc. happy hunting!

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