Tuesday, June 23, 2009

sweet luv :)

since it's come to my attention recently that many of my musical selections have been encouraging you in this direction (al green, afternoon delight, midnight at the oasis... what can i say? i want you to seize life with both hands), it should come as no surprise that i'm telling you to go get some sweet love - vintage, that is. (first spotted on an adorable post over at apartment 528!)

it's hard to find vintage housewares. most sites and dealers are a total crapshoot, and the ones that are reliably cute are usually pretty pricey. i love three potato four, and i would love to do a post on them one day when i'm feeling particularly flush and can afford to pay $65 for an admittedly adorable seltzer bottle.

until that day comes, stick with sweet love for your affordable and on point gems. shop owner sarah anderson, an artist based in wisconsin, has a really beautiful eye for color and vintage finds, and a price scheme that is a godsend for the broke but fabulous. the shop has a blog, too; check it out here. a selection of my favorites:

Vintage Brass Owl Ruler Paperweight - $16

i love this display and merchandising: gorgeous
Vintage Miniature Hotel Bar Soaps In Blue - $8

Vintage Kodak Blue Gray Video Camera - $18

this angle reminds me of medio pollito, from a book of fairy tales i read to pieces when i was a little girl
Vintage Handmade Blue Bird - $9

Orange Printed Graphic Glass Milk Bottles - $16

if you please
Modern Cat Brass Sculpture Pair - $22

speaking of kodak, did you know they retired the kodachrome film yesterday? another death knell to aficionados of traditional film formats. in memoriam:

give us those nice bright colors/make you think all the world's a sunny day: a line that's particularly cruel given the foul weather we've been having lately. i feel like gaston in beauty and the beast when he turns lefou into a snowman and parks him outside maurice's house on stakeout. the sun has to come out sometime - and when it does...

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