Saturday, June 6, 2009

sunny saturday guest post

today i woke up feeling fine and fabulous and eager for the world to validate my desire to have a gorgeous apartment on the super-cheap. i didn't find anything i was seeking for myself, but there's lots of beauty out there this morning! (i know it's almost three - i was out late last night; don't judge me.) i also woke up with this song in my head; enjoy it while you browse!

(i like this version better, but clearly user elalites is less adept at playing well with others, and has disabled embedding.) anyway, off to the races:

Hollywood Regency Mastercraft King size Headboard - $50

Solid Wood 1950s MID CENTURY MODERN Sideboard Buffet Dresser Credenza - $100 (Providence)

Wood Desk for sale - $20 (Porter Square/Cambridge)

this chair needs a lorax to speak for it and say what price the seller is hoping to get
Vintage Gold swivel chair (Danvers)

Moving Sale. Price of dresser/bookshelf reduced - $39 (Malden, MA)

hey did you get that at target? no judgment, just curious
3 drawer dresser - $50 (cambridge)

Dresser / Bureau - 9 Draws - $40 (Malden)

girls will DEFINITELY be crazy about you and your masculine scent if you buy this guy's used cologne. also, those bobble clocks are certainly not $25 at brookstone anymore; they're two for $10. (i have two and love mine.)
Sofa bed-Microfiber, Window Fan, Camera, typewritter - $1 (Somerville, Cambridge)

all eyes on you in the center of the ring just like a circus? (i'm so, so, so sorry)
HUGE Hollywood Regency 3-Ring Mirror - $400 (Burlington)

maybe no one told you, but you probably need both these things in your house
Hallway Table/mirror Vintage - $125 (Weymouth)

@@@@ VINTAGE Crushed Velvet and Rattan Living Room Chair @@@@ - $35 (Woburn)

French style furniture - $69 (Lawrence,Ma)

am i the only one who sees this table and others like it as alligators walking away from this angle?

Dining Room table and chairs - $500 (Brookline)

Two Drawer Dresser - $20 (Brighton)

or this (depending on how you feel about that mirror)
Selling Furniture - $10 (Central Square, Cambridge)

love old globes
Globe Very good condition - $30 (Salisbury, Ma.)

and... other random standing items?
retro standing ashtray

looks comfy. paint + change fabric?
Wicker Furniture by Henry Link (Westford)

love that these people are selling their wicker furniture so they can move to florida... where they are inevitably going to end up buying more wicker furniture. (trust a floridian. even if they don't mean to, it will happen, probably entirely by accident.)
Wicker Sofa / Love Seat / Corner Table - $695 (Hyannis)

get your porch whipped into shape - c'mon, people, i want to see this chair in design*sponge before and after :)
Adorable Chair - $75 (North End)

this charms me; i'm not sure why. planes? price? potential? whatever it is, i want to paint it and put it in my kitchen
Bamboo wicker Glass table base !! Cheap !! - $10 (Davis Square)

Wicker Furniture 4 cushioned chairs and end table - $50 (Middleton)

okay, this seller clearly wants you to know that if you don't get that free goose it is no one's fault but your own
Large Wicker Peacock Chair (Boston)

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