Tuesday, June 9, 2009

rainy tuesday time lapse gems

i found these saturday night (and then, for some reason, forgot about them until just now). i'm sitting at my desk wishing i was at my house with a pot of tea and some oatmeal... right now it is the opposite of sunny outside.

Vintage radio / stereo furniture console - $50 (Plymouth)

yo, so i watched the jungle book last week, and now when i look at this mirror i imagine it weaving back and forth and singing "trussssst in meeeee" while it hypnotizes me with its eyes somehow. no?
Katherine Henick Mirror - $200 (Sharon)

ivory seatte - $400 (south lawrence)

(side note - spell check, people! really? i should never have to search the words "dressor," "draws," "amour," and "cradenza" in the hopes of finding something to store my clothing in. my current favorite, though, is "shabby chick" - it makes me think of some poor broad on the jersey shore looking particularly down-at-heel.)

Vintage wardrobe - $220 (Plymouth)

French Provinical Wing Chair - $250 (Sharon)

Vintage All Wood Mirrored Armoire 2 Door 5 Drawer 70x41x20 - $300 (Newton)

and finally, a flaaaaashbaaaack. so i've never seen either star wars or star trek, any of the movies or shows therein. (i know. they're on my list.) anyway, you know when you get a word or phrase or bit of a song in your head and it just won't stop? it was previously midnight at the oasis, the song, and now i seem to be plagued by the name "lando calrissian," also known as billy dee williams. (who clearly wrote his own imdb page; "broad smile" indeed.)

i am 98% sure he was on an episode of reading rainbow wayyyyyy back in the day, but cannot verify this; the oracle of youtube is mute on this one. if you remember, and can put me out of my misery, i would be much indebted.


Erin said...

Well, according to the extensive list of guest readers on the Reading Rainbow Wikipedia entry, BDW was not on the show. Hope this brings some relief!

adwoa said...

haha thanks for doing the research, erin :) now i have to wonder who said the name "lando calrissian" in that particular cadence of voice if it wasn't lavar burton. dratssss