Thursday, June 18, 2009

pleasure, little treasure

hey kids! i work late thursdays, so i have yet another gem from the lovely rachel. let me break it down for you.

last week i found out about lines&shapes, and it made me so happy i thought i was going to expire. i found myself saying, in an email, in COMPLETE SERIOUSNESS, it is so good i kind of want to immolate myself.

(i don't know if you've heard, but i am probably the coolest person you will ever hang out with.)

anyway. today's featured vintage site, CMadelaine's, is kind of like that. they are delectable. they are amazing. they will blow your mind. i haven't even been able to work through the whole site because i thought i might die. and they're based in palm beach* - sunshine mafia for the win!

their prices are higher than what i might hope for, but the selection is incredible and there are some gems that are even affordable! i've culled this down so it's mainly belts, bags and purses (my three standout items), but their sunglasses collection beggars belief. hop on over!

Courreges Navy Bolero

Mustard Armor

Silk Floral Brocade

*let me tell you a little secret about the sunshine state. this is one of the many, many reasons why i have never felt at all embarrassed or ashamed of where i come from, even when i was living in new york state and everyone was full of douchey disdain about florida.

Louis Feraud Flap

Bubblegum Leather Gucci

florida is a vintage shopper's paradise. our vintage stores are bigger and better than anything else i've encountered, anywhere in the world. we have amazing, unrusted classic cars. beautiful furniture in circulation that almost rivals california for selection, and exceeds it in price. and do you want to know why?

1950’s Fantasy

Beaded Diva

think about american culture, especially in the 40s through the 60s. think about how much people were told to consume, and how many of those same people experienced war hardship so they didn't want to throw anything away.

Charles Jourdan Red Triangle

now think about where they all retire.

Fruit Loops

while you dream of the estate sales that are all my natural birthright, i'll get back to breaking it down for you re: CMadelaine.

Mackie Hot Pink

Tuxedo Dress

Geometric Patent

Earthy Brass

i'm kind of sad; i wanted to share either depeche mode's "pleasure, little treasure" or, failing that, erasure's "chains of love" with you today. but i can't find decent recordings of them on youtube. siggggggh. can't get next to those videos.

work it out in the rain with some al - hopefully this vintage post leads to some more exciting things at all of your houses tonight! ;)

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