Thursday, June 4, 2009

my pet peeve

saw this cool item on UrbanDaddy - thats a big bunny trash can that lights up! Designed by Paul Smith, who wants to see our cities happy and clean. I loath people who litter! Especially when its kids and their parents condone it...or, adults on public transportation! Grrr! When I was a kid we had "city clean up day." It was horrible...we would go out on sunny days and pick up trash all damned day long...I would enjoy being outdoors but felt grumpy about picking up litter...especially since there are so many trash cans around. Okay, end of vent.

“In any city, there are always so many things you love and so many things you don’t, and so many things you want to improve,” said Smith. “My exhibit is hopefully a tiny step towards making people be better with their rubbish.” -Sir Paul Smith

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