Friday, June 5, 2009


this morning's apartment therapy mailer links to their newest product shill partnership, the modkat.

yes, that's right: this cat (whose fur does not seem like it would all fit into the receptacle) is smugly trotting away from the scene of the crime.

the idea is that there is a big box with a mesh top and a hole cut into it. the cat climbs up onto the mesh top and then down to the subterranean litter layers below. it does its thang, and then it climbs up and out. the mesh top acts as a stand-in for the external mat, and then your cat walks joyously away, half a pound or so lighter and secure in the sweet knowledge that he or she is helping to save the planet.

i'm not even going to ask if you think that the ecological angle on this is greenwashing or not; there are some debatable environmental pluses of this system. (and i like how they manage to hit each of the eco urban hipster-friendly signs and signifiers in the opening marketing montage. eames rocker? check. bicycle? check. apple laptop, bentwood chair, ugly sweater? CHECK CHECK CHECK, BITCHES!)

the bigger question is: is it creepy? i for one am a bit creeped out. it seems like you are basically teaching your cat that it's cool to poop in any enclosed boxes it climbs into (note to self: watch all package deliveries more carefully in future).

beyond that, for the cat's sake, a top approach means that the area they step down into will have to be adjacent to (if not actually contiguous with) the area they poop in. that would horrify me if i were a cat, especially if my owner didn't scoop every day. and why would he or she need to, now that the litter is comfortably out of sight and mind? overall you're playing with fire, maxwell...

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