Tuesday, June 16, 2009

its about time!

Abodeon finalllllyyyy updated its web page! I am so excited because I love this shop. I normally only purchase small home accessories here but about two years ago I found a beautiful lucite coffee table/sidetable?/magazine holder...priced under $100. It was a happy day!

I love walking into this sunlit space...looks like they have revamped the store as well.

Anyone want to buy this for me? Its one of those days..."that a girl goes through, when i'm angry inside" hehehe...thanks TLC for giving me the soundtrack of my life...back to Abodeon!

I need this, its so amazing!

I had one of these in my old apartment because I have a special gift for losing keys, it was brilliant!

I just posted these because I see them everywhere...and now they are here!

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Katherine said...

I too was seduced by this ice cube maker. Sadly it is much more beautiful than functional. It is very difficult to actually get the ice cubes out of the tray and the inside cracked the first time I used it (single tear)!