Monday, June 15, 2009

is the sun coming out yet? gems

Oman Jun Danish Rosewood Desk - $1995 (Dunstable)

Fabulous, Customizable Vintage Sofa - 3pc French Provincial Sectional - $500 (harvard square)

Mid Century Modern Velvet Club Chair w/ Wood Trim Angle Design - $375 (North Shore)

Sphere chairs black/white set of 2 - $125 (Revere)

Armoire - $225 (Groveland)

(yes yes, y'all - the only thing more obnoxiously hipster couple than a bicycle built for two is a VINTAGE bicycle built for two. hitch your skinny jeans over the bar and get on it!)
Vintage Tandem Bicycle - $50 (Natick)

Kitchen Set - $350 (Hyannis)

ANTIQUE ZENITH RADIO 1930's - $125 (Danvers)

i'm real fond of this - it looks so cozy
@@@@ Vintage Solid Wood Rattan Chair w/ Southwester Design Cushions @@ - $25 (Woburn)

Antique lamp - $50 (Wakefield)

Vintage Wrought Iron Patio Chair w/ Swivel Base - $60 (Chelmsford)


awww - i actually think this is kind of charming. it's not its fault that it's hunchbacked (like quasimodo!) CHANNEL THE INNER BEAUTY PEOPLE

randy and carlene are really nice - and have great taste in lamps! i'm still sad about the rooster lamp that got away, but they delivered one to me yesterday that is pretty amazing and comes close to making up for it.
Pair of Vintage Cherub Lamps with Shades - $40 (Wakefield)

look at the picasa pictures - they have a sweet little vintage fan
Nice office and living room furniture (Cambridge)

not the way to make friends and influence people...
what's wrong with u people? vintage oak desk with accountants chair - $70 (west roxbury)

vintage moulded headboard - $25 (back bay)

i don't have a song for you (or in my heart) this morning... it was a great weekend, but today it is grey and i kind of just want some sunshine already.

i LIED - i do have a song! the world is crazy right now: shootings, rigged elections, never any rest from boston sports fans... this is a reminder that every so often, we each need to be treated gently. sing it, otis!

on a more celebratory note, saturday marked my one year anniversary in boston! i celebrated this by driving - and cursing - like a true masshole sunday afternoon. also, i bought a beautiful pair of tall tall shoes that i am currently rocking at work. possibly pictures to come later!

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