Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vampire legs and gas gems

i would give my left *** for this, its so awesome!
Vintage patio furniture - $400 (Wayland)

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Suite - $995 (Hull)

West Elm Overlapping Squares Daybed - $350 (Cambridge)

this reminds me of green frosting on cake
Sleeper Couch - $75 (Randolph)

Kids blue "mitt" chair & puzzle piece ottoman - $75 (Scituate)

Antique Striped Mahogany Bedroom Vanity - Delivery - $145 (South Shore, Carver)

I dont trust adds like this, looks so good...but no location
Eames designed chair for Herman Miller - $100

serious business lamp

this add is special, very special...i have never been into vampires in day light, Moonlight was horrible
save you from the futon they post earlier in the wk ;(
Ridiculously comfy swivel chair w/ ottoman - $20 (Cambridgeport)

Glass and Chrome Cocktail Table - $20 (Franklin)

overpriced chrome
Chrome & glass table - $100 (milton)

i was in line the other day (yesterday) getting ice cream and i asked
to tast the chocolate. the lady next to me said "what! you cant go
wrong with chocolate." well, sometimes chocolate can taste like butt
and i wanted to make sure i was really in the mood for chocolate. so
i smiled at the lady and she said "its like purple, you cant go wrong
with it!" i noticed she was wearing a lot of purple. i personally
dont really like purple. yup...thats the end of my story.
mitchell gold purple sofa - $300 (medford)

after you pick this up go get me some cake from Mikes, thanks!
Coffee Table - $30 (Boston North End)

cant get a good view on this with all of that crap on it
brushed chrome finish metal storage unit - $60 (cambridge)

Once again things get heated in CL. Beware gentle browser, set your
monitors to "shit show" and dont get splashed!

The supposed offender..lay off the eggs mister
authentic Eames lounge - like new - $2500

The one who smelt it...but isnt the one who smelt it usually the one
who dealt it?
RE: authentic Eames lounge - like new - (PASSING GAS ternak)

I've only had half a bottle of wine tonight and all i gotta say the drama for your momma!
RE: RE: authentic Eames lounge - like new - (PASSING GAS ternak)
(PASSING GAS ternak)

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