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re: furniture rant - $1 (boston)

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Date: 2009-06-29, 11:30AM EDT

This is HILARIOUS! You are so right!

I'm looking for things like kitchen tables and chairs and you would be AMAZED at how many people are trying to sell their basic IKEA kitchen tables and chairs for over 100 bucks. Come on! IKEA stuff is CRAP! If I wanted to find a crappy cheap piece of furniture, I'd brave the IKEA masses myself rather than buying a used, even crappier version. I also especially love the "Shabby Chic" things that are "Vintage" and "worth over 1,000" or whatever... they're usually ugly and not worth the money.

The best part about this rant is the mattress rant. Who the hell is going to buy a used mattress for 250 bucks? Really? Gross. No stains!!!!!!!!!!! OOOOOOO!!!!!

I got a great response after offering 140 bucks for a table and chair set that is over an hour outside of boston (Why do people post in the boston category if they dont LIVE IN BOSTON? only 30 short miles outside of the city!! what? ridiculous.) ...

So I offered 140 bucks for something the guy was asking 200. I get this response " I'll sell it for 190 if you can guarantee pickup tomorrow." - HA. I offered 140.. that doesn't mean 190. I'll spend the difference in gas trying to get to you anyway.

People... get real! No one is searching craigslist for expensive things priced expensively.

Who gives a rat's ass what name brand it is, what store you bought it from, or how much you claimed to have paid for it 3 years ago??!!

I am absolutely floored by the ridiculous prices you people list your junk-ass furniture for. Just this morning some moron has listed their loveseat with 5 pillows for $250. First of all, in the photo it has a slipcover on it (kind of a clue that it's probably not in the best shape). Second of all, I can get a gorgeous brand new loveseat with 5 pillows at Bob's Furniture for $250 and they will deliver it! So why would anyone pay the same price for a 3 year old, slipcovered, stained, worn, loveseat that they have to drag their ass over to pick-up and probably from a second story apartment?? This is just one example of the many overpriced items that get posted here everyday on craigslist.

C'mon people, it's furniture. It depreciates almost as fast as cars do. The prices you list your used furniture for is repulsive AND insulting. You are lucky if you can even sell used furniture, let alone ask retail pricing for it. Don't you realize people come to craigslist for a REAL bargain? We are not stupid people, just people trying to tighten up the wallet and work within a budget. Otherwise we'd be at Jordan's, or Bob's, or Bernie & Phyl's, or Ethan Allen, etc. But we recognize a snowjob when we see one. So if you're wondering why you aren't getting any "hits" on your postings, observe the following...


1). Lower your prices.
2). Stop telling us how much you paid many years ago, it's irrelevant and you're probably exaggerating anyway.
3). Offer to deliver (to make it a bit more appealing).
4). Stop listing brand new furniture and saying "it doesn't fit in your new place". You're lying. If it were true, you'd return it and get what you paid for it!
5). Post a photograph of the receipt if you really JUST bought it.
6). Stop relisting the same junk you listed last month for the same price you listed it at last month. (There is a reason it didn't sell...., durrrrr)
7). Stop posting photos from catalogs! Good lord. If you own the merchandise, take a photo. We want to see what it ACTUALLY looks like.

And please don't get me going on the prices you ask for your USED mattresses. Geez, give it to goodwill or burn it - let alone ask $500. What a joke.

To those of you that have always played fair and have always listed your stuff at bargain-hunter prices, rock on! We love you.

Okay, I'm off my soap box now.

Have a nice day. :-)

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