Tuesday, June 23, 2009

good news gem!

attention, kids. i have an announcement to make - today was keyse's last day at her old job! she will have five days of lovely lovely time to herself before starting her new position on monday. in honor of new beginnings:

Nine Drawer Mid-Century Modern Dresser - $65 (harvard square)

and in honor of the late nights she will be able to have this week while she doesn't have to get up for work:

it's a damn shame that this is the only non-live version of the song i could find on youtube. but it is of paramount importance when you want to sing along that you don't have to deal with the singer's sad, wheezy rendition without their studio backup, and this is why i tend to lean towards the single versions of my songs. (except for yesterday - "afternoon delight" is pretty much unbreakable.) xo!

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