Monday, June 8, 2009

dresser gems

Vintage Bedroom Set - $300 (Clinton)


imagine waking up and finding yourself in this room EVERY. DAY. (things fall apart - the center cannot hold...)
Bedroom set,Vintage 3 piece - $250 (Worcester)

Bedroom Furniture - $175 (Woburn)

and just for fun, an email i received from my coworker this morning (who has been looking for a vanity almost as long as i have been looking for a credenza).
this is the response I received from the craigslist seller ;)
------------jewelry armoire ------

If you are considering this piece only to resell it at a later
date, I would prefer that it remain unsold. I truly want the
armoire to go to a good home,
which is why I've listed it at $90.00
or best offer.

Shall I ask her if the mirror comes with its own bed ... ;o)

i've had a decent week on craigslist, marred only by the experience i've had trying to sell a chair (though really, that was mainly dealing with the dysfunction of just one relationship more than anything that can be extrapolated to CL) - but this was still a nice reminder that i'm not the only one who runs into crazy people on the internet :)

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