Monday, June 22, 2009

dreary monday night gems

after months of deprivation (some voluntary, some irritating while i waited for verizon to do right), i finally have home internet again! so i'm skipping an italian language meetup to stay home on my couch where it's warm and cozy, with pandora as my helpmeet. a smattering of gems:

Wood Futon (Chair) - $25 (Cambridge)

Teak slipper chair w/silk cushions - dark green - $125 (South End)

hello, my little elephant

i was going to give you joni mitchell's rainy night house (and before that something else that i can't remember), but it's not THAT rainy tonight and i felt it would be cliche. instead, in honor of the fact that i worked from home today and had a lazy, snoozy afternoon (though unfortunately not exciting in quite this way):

probably the best part is the mild but obvious discomfort of both singers and crowd. (some songs were not meant to be sung in front of people on a sunny college green in the afternoon - too much context in:re what else people could and should be doing at that time!) sky rockets in flight, y'all...

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