Wednesday, June 10, 2009

city of vintage angels

the title says it all. yesterday afternoon, my stylish coworker rachel introduced me to the lovely and amazing LA Vintage, and i'm so charmed - smitten!

the patterns are wild, the shapes are fearless, and best of all - the prices are generally under $60 per item. (in other words, GET SHOPPING!) these guys will cute you up for summer in no time - then all you'll have to do is wait for it to actually arrive in boston. here's a sampling of some of my current favorites.

80s Sophia LaMoore Dress

70s Bubble Pop Dress

70s In the Garden Dress

Cream Slouch Boots

Wavy Heels Size 9


the title of that last one made me think of the amazing raffaella carra - if you don't already know about this gem of retro style, you really ought to educate yourself! i'll leave you with a video of my favorite song of hers to get you started.

between la carra and LA Vintage, trovando un altro piu bello has probably never been easier :) enjoy!

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Keyse said...

love the garden dress and the heels! woes me, wish i could do heels. that model is funny