Sunday, June 21, 2009

40 South Street

It was sunny a few weekends ago...for real, i'm not kidding...sunshine washed down upon JP! I met up with some lady friends and we had a great day visiting all of the vintage spots on South and Centre Street. Bellow is our trip into 40 South Street!

The space was orginally named Gumshoe and has since evolved into a brighter space with truely fabulous accessories for the ladies. Otto Johnson handles the mens stuff and Hilken Mancini takes care of the ladies, together their combined forces of good taste and style make 40 South Street a truely fabulous gem!

can you spot the creepy dolls?

lamps, boots, and colorful pieces abound!


some major belt action

dressing room for the modest ;)


40 South St
(between Achorn Cir & Bardwell St)
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
(617) 522-5066

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adwoa said...

1) i love this song so much!

2) this video makes me really sad that jem was before my time. but i'm surprised you haven't featured jem on the blog before!