Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sowa - art walk - antique market recap!

I had a great weekend at the SoWa Art Walk, Antique market, and running through the tents looking for delicious macaroons! Bellow are some pictures I took...of gems. Thanks to everyone who stopped by, xoxo!Chalk boards looking pretty sweet by Painted Pretty

I was trying to avoid these sellers...I smelled mid century goodness...but Adwoa stopped by and showed me the lamp she purchased. Heather Morton and Richard Bois started Salvies Vintage to tempt me. I used all strentgh to refrain from taking this bad boy home - sssooo superman's home planet...oi, i want, i want, i crave

i love Barbar's rug! Joyce Charbonneau has some sweet prints but you can only get them through her shows...if you want her digits email me

rrugggssssssss....I really want one of these. I wasnt able to return to the antique market on Sunday. I love their collection and the prices are decent, especially for the modern stuff. Sigh. Some day, real soon I hope!
Ask for Ken Gurley, he was at the market. Uber nice and easy on the eyes.
Landry&Arcari, Oriental rugs and carpeting
63 Flint St (corner of Bridge st.) Salem, MA 01970

I'm not into charm bracelets, but I would have changed my mind if that M was a K. I love the texture on the coin and how the letter pops out -gem! Kinda mid century? This is the orginal and beautiful work of Martha Sullivan

Sarah, these earrings reminded me of you - i think they would show over your hair.

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Sarah said...

Oh my god, you know me so well! These earrings are amazing. I need them! Thanks mama.